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Motley Crue and Def Leppard with Poison Reviews

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Average customer review: 4.0 star rating (3.8 Stars)

Number of reviews: 57



5.0 star rating Jim boling from Orlando, Florida


I am not a sound engineer so the sound was incredible to me. The front men and lady rocked. The light show and sets were outstanding. What a GREAT night of rock and roll. Great venue, great weather

5.0 star rating Matt A. from New York, New York


The concert was great. The sound was very good for a stadium, not sure what people are complaining about in other reviews. It’s an outdoor stadium folks, not an arena venue where the sound and acoustics are much better etc. I thought Joan Jet was terrific, the sound was good and crisp, voice was strong and sounded great. Poison was also very good, but the sound was a bit off mainly because Brett Michael was running all over the place, still they put on a good show. Motley crue was loud and put on a fantastic show. Neil was on point for most of the night and sounded great and the crowd was into it. Def Leppard closed the show and they put on an awesome show , hit after hit and even the new songs were rocking. Joe Elliot sounded great and did not miss a beat. All members of Def Leppard were on point. To me all the bands sounds great gave us a great performance.

5.0 star rating Syd Lovelace from Charlotte NC


The show in Charlotte was wonderful!!! Joan Jett never ages and rocked all her hits. Last time we saw Poison I was not impressed but this show was a 100%turnaround. They were great. Brett was full of energy and I really enjoyed them this time. Next was Motley Crue and I had been reading that Tommy Lee was only playing 4-5 songs in their other shows but in Charlotte....HE WAS A BEAST!!! Motley Crue were Wonderful and sounded great. Def Leppard closed out the night and as alway....really good. They had a few songs that they did all together at the end of the stage, all slower songs, that most people felt like was a letdown. It did slow down the vibe that was going for the night but hey, these guys aren't 25 any more. I will always love seeing these guys. The new songs rocked and of course all their hits are and always will be classics!!! I do wish they would include Let's Go in their set list though. Overall, an amazing show in Charlotte and can't wait for the next one. 👍

5.0 star rating Tricia Slone from Nashville, Tennessee


I have heard so many mixed reviews about their performance, let me start by saying the negative comments are total BS!!!! I can't put into words how much fun I had watching my favorite bands perform (even though Poison wasn't there :( ...that concert kicked ass!! Amazing vocals by all the bands, the backup singers/dancers were like insanely hott, they all came to rock and didn't disappoint my group even 0.1%!!!!!! Absolutely recommend going to see this tour while you still can. Rock on ladies and gents 🤘🤙💙💙💙💜💜💜

5.0 star rating Kelly from St. Louis, Missouri


It was over 104 degrees out side when Joan Jett took the took the stage and you wouldn't know it by the way all of the bands performed. It was a fantastic show !! Bret Michaels & Poison were great, even though Bret had been in the hospital just four days prior. Def Leppard sounded just like the very first day they started touring in the States back in the 1980's. They mixed up their songs from their new album vs their older albums just right. Motley Crue headlined the show and was fantastic. Not sure why everybody is getting on Vince Neil for using a teleprompter, I would rather him do that, then screw up the lyrics, he has slimmed down quite a bit and sounded good. I cannot say who stole the show, Def Leppard or Motley Crue, because in my opinion, it was a tie. Rock n Roll will never die!!

5.0 star rating Michaels from Hershey, Pennsylvania


Joan Jett decent poison okay motley crue fantastic they tore the house down. Def Leppard were straight up horrible I did not stay till the end

5.0 star rating Katelyn from Detroit, Michigan


July 10th, Detroit was rocked! Very pleased with this concert. Motley sounded rough but I’m a die hard fan. Def Leppard was worth every single penny along with Poison and Joan Jett. Trust me, you won’t want to miss this

5.0 star rating Mark Lash from Kansas City, Missouri


Poison was excellent. Motley crue was awesome. People complaining about Vince Neil's voice., get a life. Try singing their songs for 40 years and tell me how your voice sounds. Def Leppard sounded great as usual. Only downer was 15.00 a can beer , and water bottles for 10.00 in 100 plus heat index. Total fan ripoff. Shame on the screwing of hard working Americans money.

5.0 star rating Bobbi Jo from Kansas City, Missouri


I am a huge 80’s fan, this was an absolute perfect event! Joan Jett was amazing!! Poison was so full of energy and played all the great songs to really get you amped up!! Motley Crue was fantastic! The smoke light and laser show was totally kick azz!! They flashed us back with some of the greatest original material!! Vince sounded like Vince!! If you’re a Crue fan you know what to expect with him live!! Def Leppard was phenomenal!!! On point in every way! I couldn’t have asked for a better concert and to me it was well worth the wait!! If you have a chance to get tickets do it!! Don’t listen to the critics !!

5.0 star rating from Kansas City, Missouri


What a fantastic night of pure 80's Rock n Roll! It was incredibly hot, but the music was hotter! Joan Jett- Blasted it off and got your blood pumping, Poison did amazing, Motley- Brought the house to her knees, and Def Leppard, well they just lit the house on fire! Outstanding Show, brought back alot of memories, and the music was still as great as when I first heard it as a teenager! This was truly a PRICELESS Line Up- If they come to your town-- GO! You will not regret! Thank you to all the musicians who performed you all can still Rock! We loved every minute of it! The atmosphere of the crowd was also electric- everyone was just there to enjoy! Thank you again for just allowing us to enjoy your craft!

5.0 star rating Doug from Boston, Massachusetts


They were great. Motley was so bad with their sound. All you could hear was the bass drum and an occasional guitar. Not sure who lead the sound board, but it couldn’t sound any worse. Left after five sounds as it was a futile effort. It literally was noise.

5.0 star rating Kerri Parmeggiani from Boston, Massachusetts


Although the weather was muggy and super hot, the performances were outstanding!! Joan Jett was great, Poison was amazing, Motley Crue was pretty good but Def Leppard was unbelievable!!! I felt like I was a teen in my 80's again!! Regardless of the heat these guys ran around and put on a stellar performance!!!

4.0 star rating John from Fort Lauderdale


All four acts on the second night of the stadium tour kicked it. Each group was energetic, strong and Vince Neil quelled all the dreaded reviews from Atlanta that his voice was shot and very bad. Sound was great and the evening was a blast.

4.0 star rating Rob from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Like others have noted, the sound mix was off and on... but, mostly off. They should have taken the time between acts to rebalance, but sadly did not. Despite that, the show was great. Joan Jett was what you'd expect: fun, rebellious, and badass. Poison was terrific. Brett Michaels was full of energy and seemed genuinely happy to be home in PA. Def Leppard was great for the most part. However, if there was a downer to the show, the band's decision to include four songs nobody knows and inexplicably leave songs like "Let's Get Rocked" off of their setlist was a letdown. They played wonderfully, and Joe Elliott's singing was tight, but the setlist brought down the overall performance. Now, Motley Crue absolutely crushed as closers. The energy was great as you'd expect. Vince Neil's voice was not as awful as I'd been led to believe it might be, and the rest of the band played loudly and proudly. The Crue was unabashedly themselves and could not have done a better show closing the show.

4.0 star rating Tstallie from Nashville, Tennessee


Overall, the concert was great. Def Leppard was awesome. However, we could barely make out any lyrics from Motley Crue. We did sit in upper level seats but heard Jett and Def Leppard perfectly. We ended up leaving about 9 songs into Motley Crue because the sound was so bad. Neil was completely drowned out. We could hear alot better when we got down to the main level. Sad, we had waited 30 years to hear Crue.

4.0 star rating Rick from Detroit, Michigan


The Crew sound was terrible we sat in the upper deck right in the middle of the stadium they need to get their crap together. All the other bands that preformed and sounded great

4.0 star rating Dave from Detroit, Michigan


Joan Jett, Poison, Def Leppard sounded great Motley Crue sound mix was awful. Sound engineers screwed up badly, waaaaaayy to much bass drum and toms from Tommy Lees kit. Overdrove that by at least 25%. Made iI hard to hear guitars and Vince’s voice. The show part was great, just needed a lot less bass drum and tomtoms

4.0 star rating James from Detroit, Michigan


All the bands were awesome. But I have to say…I’ve wanted to see Crüe my entire life and this was the first…and I was really disappointed. It was like they worried more about sounding loud than good. People go to concerts wanting to sing along but you couldn’t hear the vocals - lead or backup. Vince sounded right on key just way too low. The music however was so loud it just became noise. And trust me I’m not someone who wants it quiet. People go to see bands like Crüe because they love the music…so why change? We know you’re Motley F’ing Crüe so you don’t need to prove it anymore. Just play the songs. Sadly this is the one and only time I’ll see them…not going back for a repeat of that sound. You could hear the vocals on every other band…including Billy Joel the night before. So this was just Crüe saying screw you we wanna blow your face off not give you a good time.

4.0 star rating Ron Collins from Hershey, Pennsylvania


For anyone in back, Poison had sound issues. One sec sounded good, and the next was bad. Ive been to probably 100 big shows and the sound was horrible. Motley was much better, but not nearly as good as other outdoor shows I saw them play. I was there to see the Crue way more then D.L. But i gotta say, possible because there sound was flawless and much louder even, then the crue, that I enjoyed it more! I heard that the concert in detroit had MAJOR sound problems for the Crue, and half the people in the stands left halfway through the Crues set. I believe it! For the ticket prices, you would think the sound people would have better quality control. Its like they dont realize its even happening! Either way, i took both my kids to there first concert and will remember it forever! As big of a Crue fan I am... THANKS DEF LEPPERD FOR A KILLER LOUD AND PROUD SET!!! Not to mention stellar sound...

4.0 star rating Jackie Ross from Hershey, Pennsylvania


Missed Joan Jet due to string storm - Posion was really good and sounded spot on, Motley was fun, If your a Crue fan you know the gritty show thought Vince looked tired and had a hard time keeping up on vocal but hey at 62 what do you expect - Tommy as always the showman!! DEF LEPPARD completely rocked the show with strong vocals and amazing sound interaction with crowd and completely superior! SO much class ! Happy to see these bands are still playing on !!!

4.0 star rating John Carpenter from Norton, Ohio


I like Def Leppard and Poison. But Joan Jett was Best for Sound and Performance

4.0 star rating Dave from Kansas City, Missouri


It was a scorcher but Joan Jett, Poison and Def Leppard kicked ass. They brought high energy performances and rocked the house. Motley Crap on the other hand sounded like a second rate garage band. Vince Neil's weak vocals couldn't compete with the over-loud drums and bass. I've never heard a crowd quiet down so quickly after a song was finished. The only time they really got the crowd excited was when Tommy Lee came out front and asked where all the boobs were. Pretty sad. If I wanted to see boobs I could have gone to a strip club. I suggest they move Crue to warm up band and add Classless Act to the lineup. At least they care about their performance.

4.0 star rating Lisa from Denver, Colorado


Loved it all! I danced the night away!! Must go see!!!

4.0 star rating Kathy from Denver, Colorado


Joan Jett is still a badass, she rocked the house! Poison was a great performance, Brett Michaels puts out the energy and effort to make it a great show. Def Leppard sounds the same as they did decades ago, their fabulous sound and visual performance should have been the headline act. Which brings me to the sorry “show” put on by Motley Crue. They lacked energy, they have no stage presence on their own & Vince Neil’s singing is barely lackluster, therefore they have to rely on young beautiful women dancing to try to take your attention away from their poor performance. Time to pack it up, Crue., leave it to the other three acts who actually try to earn the fan’s money.

4.0 star rating A. T. Strojny from Boston, Massachusetts


Waited three years to see this show. None of the acts disappointed. Joan Jett and the Blackhearts were excellent. Played their (black)hearts out for a half-empty shed thanks to a nasty thunderstorm and a notoriously late-arriving Boston crowd. Sadly, the thunderstorm delayed the show’s start for over an hour. The delay forced Poison to cut their set. They came out firing on all cylinders and left the crowd wanting more. Pure fun and excitement. Def Leppard followed Poison. Despite opening with a banger of a new track, they had a hard time matching Poison’s intensity and enthusiasm. The mighty Leppard are professionals. They pushed forward through the energy lull at the start of their gig and wowed the crowd by the end. No one wanted them to leave! The show would rated five stars from me if Motley Crue didn’t play. They were tacky, cliched, and predictable. Their 80s antics no longer resonates with more sophisticated crowd.

4.0 star rating Ann from Boston, Massachusetts


After a storm delay and shortened setlists for Joan Jett and Poison the show was rocking! They never disappoint and Def Leppard was amazing. Which brings me to the night's headliner - Motley Crue. I love the Crue, but it was the worst show I've ever seen them put on. The sound was horrible, and the band seemed do drown out Vince's very thin vocals. The music and vocals just seemed out of sync, and I was having a hard time hearing the lyrics. Truly disappointed by their performance after waiting since 2020 to see this show!

4.0 star rating El Duderino from Phoenix, Arizona


We were on the field 20 rows back to the right of the stage. Joan Jett and Poison sounded awesome, but can't say the same for Def Leppard and Motley Crue. The bass was cranked way too much and drowned everything else out. We couldn't hear the vocals or details in the music clearly due to the overpowering bass. It's a bummer because other folks here posted similar experiences in other venues, and one would think the sound engineers would have fixed the bass-heavy saturation problem by now as the 2nd half of the tour kicks off...

4.0 star rating Ken macleod from Toronto, Ontario


I have to say for a bunch of aging rockers these groups were amazing .sound was right on and lights were off the chart .

4.0 star rating Georgina from Toronto, Ontario


Def Leppard and Poison were awesome. Against my better judgment decided to give Crue another shot. Time to hang it up boys - sound was terrible, mixed up the lyrics, bass over powering everything and they looked as if they were just going through the motions. No energy at all. So sad because I am a real time I will stick to watching the Carnival Sins DVD at home

4.0 star rating Mike M from Toronto, Ontario


Finally got to see Joan Jett and she was awesome! She and the band sounded great and looked like they were having a good time. Poison sounded great, high energy show. Fun set. Have seen Def Leppard a few times, and they definitely did not disappoint! Vocals were great, and the band sounded excellent. This leaves the Crue... I promised myself that I wouldn't go to another one of their concerts. The last time I saw them, we thought there were problems with Vince's mic, but nope, it seemed to work fine when he talked. I get why they turned his mic down back then. He sounded pretty bad. The rest of the fellas did their best, but I think even they recognize that Vince's voice is toast. I thought they signed a contract not to perform again?! We left early because it was too sad.

4.0 star rating Dale Germain from Toronto, Ontario


Joan Jett (7/10) was solid as the 63 year old queen of punk belted out some of her best known tunes. The sound at the Rogers Centre did not do any of the bands justice but that's what one gets at that venue. Poison (7/10) ramped the show up with great energy and fanfair. At times Michaels appeared to be lip syncing as he truly no longer has the pipes of old. Joe Elliott and Def Leppard (9/10) rocked the house. Having seen the band 5 years previous, where Joe had a terrible performance I was concerned he would be worse but I was quickly proven wrong as he and the boys lit the Rogers Centre up with old favourites and even some knew tracks from their recent album. On comes Motley Crue (4/10). At first I didnt even know they had started as it was so rough sounding. Vince Neil looked disinterested and was singing at a frantic pace, trying to end the set as quick as possible. The sound mix was horrid, with the bass drowning out Vince consistently. We left after 5 songs.

4.0 star rating Nancy from Toronto, Ontario


The shows were pretty much all amazing. Joan Jett was spectacular! Poison was great, so much energy and Def Leppard well, I have never ever been disappointed! Crue, well, thank goodness for for everyone but Vince! Vince was completely off beat and sounded like Alvin from the Chipmunks. Honestly, it wore on the nerves quickly. Everyone else was amazing. Tommy Lee always stellar! Mick is a class act, Nikki fabulous. The girls worked their asses off, literally and sounded great! Sound and lights by all acts were supreme!

4.0 star rating Michelle from Toronto, Ontario


Def Leppard stole the show, great energy of the fans through performance. So many hits, such a fabulous band, still wonderful on stage. All entertainers were saying how thrilled they were to be there and had a great time. Poison was awesome, what a personality Brett Michaels showed, great frontman and "host" for their set. Motley Crue rocked out, my fav band, so awesome to have original members! Vince Neil's timing on lyrics was crappy, songs sounded different as he rushed the lyrics and sometimes skipped some! WTF?? Disappointing when the rest of the band was consistent and great energy. Nikki Sixx was in his element and spot on! The sound and video was phenomenal until Motley Crue, dry ice meant video was fuzzy and total sound wasn't as crisp and clear. Some fans started leaving through Motley Crue, while Def Leppard had everyone on their feet and wanting more! Huge crowd, stage was farther away than some concerts to accommodate the crowd.

4.0 star rating Kimberly from Toronto, Ontario


Joan Jett was bang on as always, Poison was a blast. They were in the groove and seemed to be having a blast. Lepard was amazing as usual, love all their tunes and these guys can play like they were 30. Motley Crüe was fun to see. Great show and high energy. Vince Neal was pretty good and worked his ass off to do a great set. The only problem I was they are so powerful that the sound for them was a bit muffled because of the stadium walls and the crowd screaming. I danced my butt off for 4 hours. Sang like I was onstage. Thanks so much everyone for including Toronto in this tour. I know I really appreciated you all !!

4.0 star rating Guy from Toronto, Ontario


First the bad the venue at the Rogers centre in Toronto was way way too packed if somebody would’ve fainted in the middle of it they would’ve died by the time somebody got to them you couldn’t move in the place lineups were insane the heat was incredible just a poor venue now the good Joan Jett poison and Def Leppard have not lost a beat they sounded incredible that being said motley Crue sounded incredible band wise Vince Neil needs to retire he was absolutely embarrassing the band definitely save them but all in all it was extremely impressive very good night had a blast just very disappointed in the Rogers centre and very impressed with the first three bands way to go had a great night

4.0 star rating Kev from Toronto, Ontario


Poison was amazing. Brett Michaels was engaging & full of energy. Sound was great. But once Def Leppard & Motley Crue hit the stage the sound went to shit. Most negative part of the show was to many drunks. Out side of Roger's Cente hot dog carts prices are out of this world. $38 for 2 sausage, 1 hotdog and 2 coke !!

4.0 star rating Will from Toronto, Ontario


Joan jett was nice the sound was off a little bit couldn't hear here voice properly and the bass drum and the toms were turned up wayyy too high for joan jett and poison, when def leppard started it sounded alot better the bass was turned down and we could hear everything properly but then.. Motley Crüe.. i know they're getting old and i know it's not easy but damn at that point cancel the tour. my guy vince couldn't sing one song properly always off tempo or just straight up the wrong words or partial lyrics. Best song by them was live wire everyone was hyped and everything even tho it sucked, worst song was home sweet home.. their classic rock balad, tommy decided to start the song without the intro and at about half the speed of the original which is already quite slow but vince and tommy still butchered it.. i'm happy i only paid 110$ for this and not 800$ i would be extremely pissed off😂

4.0 star rating Jean Audet from Toronto, Ontario


Joan Jett is still in great shape: efficient, tight band. She set the bar high. Poison's sound wasn't good, guitar was very hard to get, too much of other stuff and guys, guitar and drum solos? Really in 2022? In a set that lasts 45 minutes? Def Leppard were the stars of the night. Good choice of songs, vocals (especially backvocals) were surprisingly good, even though it started to show on Photograph, the last song, that avage and Collen were vocally tired. Vivian Campbell's singing was really impressive, surprising us with high notes in many songs. Then came major disappointment. Motley Crue was not even OK: sound was horrible, it tooks about the whole intro to realize they were playing Wild Side. Vince was out of breath, reading his lyrics as if it was the first time he sang them, Tommy and Nikky making easy mistakes in their playing (the drums on Shout at the Devil were completely off. They were like a bad garage band. It's time for them to retire. Really. Let Leppard close shows.

3.0 star rating Ralph from Miami, Florida


It is just me or somebody else feel the same? Acoustic in the stadium is terrible and audio is really bad specially on the top sides. To make it worst, equalization was terrible , specially for Motley Crue, I cannot talk about Joan Jet be aisé I arrive in the middle of Poison but I think this one is the one I think sounded better, then Def Leppard and last Motley. There were a low freq band very loud that it could produce saturation and feedback very often and very high frequency was very loud as well so drum dishes were saturating everything, middle freq we're so low that barely hear riffs and vocals the right way , is so bad that I can barely detect what song they were playing ! Show lights was good though but really disappointed by the sound , how a descent sound eng cannot notice this? It was my concert of lifetime but so disappointed 😞

3.0 star rating Julio Cabello from Miami, Florida


The concert was great but the sound was terrible,the distortion of the music kills the performance of the bands the lightning and the stage where superb

3.0 star rating Donna from Dallas, Texas


We flew to Miami from Texas to see Motley Crue. I saw them about 10 years ago in Texas and the show was awesome. Joan Jett, Poison and Def Leopard, the sound was okay but when Motley Crue came out, I noticed a terrible reverb sound. I think it was the base on the sound equipment that needed adjustments. It was deafening and you couldn't actually hear the music. Everyone started walking out along with myself. I couldn't believe how many people walked out in the Crue! Hopefully whomever is in charge of the sound equipment does a better job for the remainder of the tour.

3.0 star rating Leppard fan from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


We caught the Stadium Tour featuring Joan Jett, Poison, Def Leppard, and Motley Crue in Philadelphia and saw all the bands except Classless Act, who opened, because, as the review stated, it was wildly unclear when the show actually started. Joan Jett sounded as great as she ever sounded and the sound was clean but sometime after her set, someone turned up the bass in the mix and the rest of the night was kind of ruined. Poison, Def Leppard, and Motley Crue were all drowning in the sound of the bass guitar and the bass drum. You really couldn’t hear any of the detail or nuance in the music, especially from the guitars. It was mostly a battle between the vocals and the basses with the basses usually winning. Unless someone works hard to make an adjustment fast or if you only care about SEEING the bands, I’d save my money on this one, which I hate to say because these bands were a big part of my youth.

3.0 star rating Shannon from Jackson, Tennessee


The audio was terrible and so was Vince Neil's singing. They had to drowned him out with drums and bass that was so loud making it sound as if they were out of sync. You would think def lep and Crue would have stepped up for poison and played a few extra songs, after all we waited over 2 yrs for the garbage. But Joan Jett? She was full of energy and she rocked it.

3.0 star rating Jeff sikes from Detroit, Michigan


Sound terrible. To much reverb. Couldn’t hear clearly

3.0 star rating Jules from Chicago, IL


After waiting over 2 years for this event and flying in from out of state, expensive learning experience. In Chicago, it seemed like they were there for Motley. The music was loud and distorted, covering up the vocals. Also, the crowd was pummeled with fog WAY too much, it was more than a cover up so you couldn’t see the stage or video boards. Glad Def was the closing performer, they had a good set

3.0 star rating Anon from


Motley Crue should no longer be headlining. They are a shell of what they used to be. Loud and distorted sound cannot cover up enough. It's too bad. Have seen them many times before but this will be the last.

3.0 star rating Lorrie from Nashville, TN


We bought the "Rick Allen" experience for stupid money but it was on our bucket list and you only live once. It meant we would meet Rick, who we greatly admire, ask questions and sit in the front row. We were required to come early only to learn our tickets were changed to VIP Gold which sold for half the price we paid. We did get to take a picture standing six feet away from the riser where Def Leppard was posed. We were in the room with them for all of 30 seconds. The seats ended up being in front of giant speakers and we only got one glimpse of Rick when he moved to the catwalk. This is a warning to others who bought similar tickets. I know this is the promoters fault, but it still SUCKS. As for the music, Def Leppard sounded great. I liked their new songs. Joan Jett put on a terrific performance. Poison didn't perform and we left after three Crue songs. I agree with others...Vince Neil needs to hang it up. Would love to see Def Leppard again, but in a smaller venue.

3.0 star rating from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


So show was alright. First of all we waited 2 years to see This show just to find out that we were scammed out of $800 (which weirdly a lot of people were). Can’t comment on Joan Jett because we missed that performance (ticket issues). But Poison and LZ were amazing. Now, Motley Crue…..the sound was on and off, i noticed that the large screens were screwy in the left side. I also noticed that Vince had the crowd sing parts of their new songs off their latest album maybe forgets the lyrics? Overall the show was average and not worth the hundreds of dollars poured in tickets.

3.0 star rating Dan from Kansas City, Missouri


Joan Jett and Poison were alright. Motley Crue we’re a mess playing mostly to backing tracks. At times, Tommy was caught not playing drums while the backing track kept going… By far, Def Leppard was the best part of the show. A++++ from them.

3.0 star rating Jules from Kansas City, Missouri


We missed Joan Jett and arrived halfway through Poisons set, which sounded pretty good. Sad to say Motley Crue was horrible. The bass was WAY too loud. You couldn’t even tell what songs they were singing. We were on the field and had to move because it was just too much, even with ear plugs. They also are still stuck in the “hot women” vibe, with the girls dancing on stage and asking the crowd to flash them. Not necessary, guys. Your music is great and can stand on its own. Thank goodness for Def Leppard! They were incredible and saved the show for me. They were the band I was looking forward to the least, but ended up liking the best!

3.0 star rating Keith from Boston, Massachusetts


Joan Jett - Sound B+; Setlist A; Energy D; Fan Response B Poison - Sound A-; Setlist A; Energy A+; Fan Response A Def Leppard - Sound B-; Setlist F; Energy B; Fan Response B Motley Crue - Sound C; Setlist A; Energy C; Fan Response A- Can't help but compare these acts to their heyday, and of course, they're not the same. Perhaps my expectations were too high. The bright spot was definitely Poison who seemed genuinely happy to be at Fenway and playing in front of a big crowd. Joan Jett and Motley Crue seemed tired (I probably would be tired too). Def Leppard had good energy, but the setlist was awful. Nobody there wants to hear their new stuff, they would have been better off playing Pyromania front-to-back. In comparison, Motley Crue's setlist was excellent - all the songs you would expect and none that you wouldn't; but sadly Vince's voice just can't compete with the amps anymore and got washed out.

3.0 star rating Shane Ruys from Toronto, Ontario


I’ll save noting that Crue’s sound was bad as everyone has stated that so saying it agin won’t make a difference What I will say is that I’ll hold onto the memory of when I saw them 25 years and not last night. They’re done and last nights performance just proved it. On the plus side, Def Leppard was amazing….really enjoyed their set. Poison was great too, as much as I was never really a big Poison fan back in the day. Joan Jett is as good as she always was. She’s got a few good tunes and really did them well. Side note….it was crazy hot in the Rogers Centre last night which didn’t help much either.

2.0 star rating Neil Heird from Tampa, Florida


Many of you have already addressed the horrible sound engineering. But for me, the worst part was the quality of Vince Neil - not singing complete phrases, pitchy as hell, and seemed like he was out of breath the whole time. And compared to Brett Michaels - who had true rockstar energy - Neil looked as if he wasn’t excited to be there. Def Leppard has amazing musicians and Joe Elliot can surely sing, but at age 70+ they decided to promote a new album and play a bunch of songs nobody knows or cares about. An hour into their set they had only played 2 songs from pyromania and 2 from andrenalize. I paid over $600 for 2 club seats and took my teenage daughter so she could meet the music I grew up loving. We got outstanding efforts from Joan Jett and Poison, but the so called heavy hitters bombed. I think Nikki Sixx is a genius and general badass and Mick Mars somehow kills the thick riffs with a single Stratocaster, but Vince sounded as bad as I’ve ever seen him. So after waiting over 2 years for this I can honestly say I would have preferred to go gambling at the hard rock. So sad.

2.0 star rating Patrick from Chicago, Illinois


I have seen all these bands many times and while they are a few years older the quality of the sound was horrible at Wrigley. Poison my favorite of the 3 main bands sounded terrible as did Motley. With the exception of a few ballads most of the lyrics could not be heard Def Lep soundeda little better as so much of their sound is based on synthesizers, but still marginal quality. After waiting 2 years for this I must say it was rather disappointing.

2.0 star rating Alexis from Denver, Colorado


First time seeing 3 of the 4 bands. I have been a long time Def Leppard fan so this was the band I wanted to see the most. I missed Joan Jett but have seen her previously, always rocks!! Not a huge Poison fan but they were good and sounded good. Def Leppard ROCKED!! Their energy was good and they sounded great!! I would see them again and again for sure! Now for Motley Crue. In a word, Horrible! The sound was off, too loud, could not hear Vince at all or understand the lyrics and do not even get me started on the girls that were pole dancing on stage. Not to mention Nikki asking to see boobs. Come on guys, you are in your 70's the glory days of the 80's and 90's are long gone, grow up. VERY disappointed and needless to say I am one and done for Motley Cure. They need to hang up their leather pants and bandanas and retire.

2.0 star rating Jean M from Boston, Massachusetts


Sooooo after two years I was wondering if Motley crew would still be alive well, barely. Joan Jett sounded awesome and kicked ass! Poison tried but still tired. Def Leppard Should have been the headliner they definitely would’ve sounded better if the music and audios were in sync. Motley Crue was just there for the paycheck no effort - The name fits totally disappointing. Joan jet rocked!!

1.0 star rating Mike H. from Milwaukee, Wi.


All of the the bands put on a tremendous show and show no signs of slowing. Great song list for all. But the sound quality was just terrible. It actually got worse as the night went on? I've seen other bands at American Family Field, and they sounded great, so its not the venue. Anyway, a fun night had by all and i am glad I went.

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